destination: nyc half marathon - r&r coffee, south street seaport, nyc

mileage: 13.1 miles

musical inspiration: half marathon mix

this past sunday i accomplished one of the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life, running the nyc half marathon. a freezing cold dark morning had runners shivering and jogging in place until the clock hit 7:30…and we were off! bracing ourselves for the two hours or so of running ahead of us, we slowly inched our way up to the start line where adrenaline filled runners had already started shedding their throw away layers, ourselves included!

surrounded by fifteen thousand others taking on this challenge is the main fuel that drives you. those cheering on the sidelines as you pass with clapping, shaking their cowbells and screaming at you to ‘go go go!’ have no idea how helpful it is to each runner, especially around mile 9 when your knees give you a slight reminder that each mile from here on out is the farthest you’ve ever ran. to me those ‘spectators’ are warriors for standing out there in the freezing cold to support friends, family and complete strangers…

the run started in central park; turning onto 7th avenue around mile 6 was another shot of adrenaline. running down what is normally one of the busiest avenues in manhattan through the mecca times square with thousands of others is inspiring. bustling down the west side highway (which is normally bumper to bumper at this time of the morning) trying to focus solely on the fact that i’m actually doing this rather than the fact that my knees are definitely going to be feeling this tomorrow and i just had a second wave of light headedness.

it’s admirable to me that the majority of these half marathoners aren’t just running for themselves but for loved ones that are struggling or those who have passed; to help raise awareness and better yet, find a cure. writing about it now reminds me how powerful, supportive, generous and loving we can be when we join forces.

i have a few friends that ran the half and i’m so head over heels proud of them for crossing that finish line!! especially the hard core sarah morrone who decided only days before the event that she was going to run by my side. during our fourteen or so years of friendship this gal has always been one to support you in anything that you take on, this time she wasn’t only going to cheer me on, she was going to take on the 13.1 mile challenge herself! (mind you she has a few half marathon and full marathons under her belt and is a crossfit guru).

i have never been more excited to see a finish line in all of my life. the last 2.5 miles were definitely the toughest. although this was by far one of the most challenging things i’ve done in my life (there are a couple close seconds), i cannot wait to do it again next year!

oh, and upon leaving the mass of glorified runners surrounding water and wall, we stumbled upon a little coffee shop called r&r coffee. it might not have been the most delicious almond milk cortado, or the warmest atmosphere, but it was definitely the most memorable and the longest destination run to date.

2013…let it continue to be a year of crossing things off our bucket lists.


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