destination: variety, williamsburg, brooklyn
mileage: 12 miles (two day mileage merge)
musical inspiration: the xx radio/moby radio

“if you wait for perfect conditions you’ll never get anything done.”

i knew snow was in the forecast , but the view pre run had no flurries in sight. then i stepped outside. though a rainy day might stop me in my tracks, a weak flurry turned weak blizzard only made my winter run a beautiful one.

day one at variety brought about some wonderful unexpected company, a so-so stumptown espresso and a little almond croissant indulgence.

why yes, i did day stumptown. again. these cafes have to learn to branch out a little, you would think brooklyn, williamsburg mind you, would know that it is in fact okay to be unique. lets give the boutique roasters a little love, yeah? (kitten coffee roasters for example has some delicious beans AND no carbon foot print - imagine that!). it’s official, i’m going stumptown free in february.

day two. though the company wasn’t nearly as enjoyable, the coffee and pastry were spot on. the berry bran muffin, which has some serious whole fruit action going on inside of that bran casing, was once and for all mine.

every once in a while you’ll notice i’ll shelve my fancier side (lets not confuse that with my gal side) and go for a plain jane cup of joe; today was one of those days. consistency is good but variety, my dear, is better. (no pun intended).

lets talk ambiance. on both appearances I decided to cozy up by the front window at a tiny three (slightly squished four) seat communal style table. however, there are also a handful of one and two seaters past the bar in the back if that’s what you fancy.

like sarah mentioned previously, we don’t find many cafes that meet our ideal comfort level; to want to stay all afternoon and then some. variety was just that for me; a cozy, easygoing cafe you might find tucked away upstate in lake placid or the adirondacks. maybe it was just because it was snowing outside and everyone was bundled in their winter gear huddling in for a bit of warmth and a good cup of coffee. whatever the case it reminded me of home.

loving variety,

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