destination: cafe minerva, west village, nyc

mileage: 1.6

musical inspiration: crystal castles pandora

given the consistently below freezing temps here in new york as of late, i have been forgoing the daily run for other soul warming activities. however today i decided to brave the brisk and just do it. given that it was only 16 degrees farenheit when i left, i made it a short fast one. i ran from tribeca to the west village. I’m realizing that these short spurts might be just the way to keep my heart rate going on these winter days.

i arrive at the cafe, on a quiet west village street. i fell in love. if i were to ever own a cafe of my own it would be very similar to this european inspired nook. a full wall of windows looks out onto the brownstones across the street. the space was sparse yet had a warmth to it. the off white walls kept things cozy and the simplicity of the seating made it pleasing to the eye. i loved that the full bar in the center of the room had seating on both sides keeping an aire of openness and communal dining. the centerpiece of the entire space however was the beautiful victoria arduino: athena manual espresso machine. it really set the stage for the cafe, placing a focus on coffee rather than liquor or wine.

i had a cortado which was delicious. the perfect amount of milk to espresso. served in delicate small glass. smooth.

it was very early on a sunday and as the morning sun crept through the townhouses and trees, it shone in strands across the bar. there are few places that i run to where i want to stay, and stay, this was one of them. i was left trying to devise a plan for how cafe minerva might be able to fit into my daily routine. although its highly unlikely that it will…. its the bitter sweetness of falling in love with a place but knowing that there are many more fish in the sea.

-sarah sue

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