destination: Book Court, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY

mileage: 3.5 miles

Pandora: Beach House (not too impressive for running)

My first night time destination run. I ran through park slope, the surprisingly romantic gowanus canal, carroll gardens and finally, cobble hill.

The run itself was pretty smooth. I usually have trouble breathing on runs (a problem that has been going on for years) but in the brisk fall evenings, it seems to be somewhat less challenging.

It was so nice to visit my favorite bookstore on such a beautiful night. Cobble hill is a magical place in general and made even better by small local businesses like Book Court. A family owned bookstore with an extensive collection from local publishers. Its one of those places that makes you want to buy everything and spend the next year, curled up in bed with a warm tea and a new book. After perusing the spirituality section (Its like an addiction of mine) and eyeing a few must-remember christmas gifts, I checked out ┬áthe memoir section. My rule these days is that I won’t buy something unless it feels “right,” like, no hesitation, this fits in my life type of feeling. So when i saw Harry Belafonte’s memoir it sung out to me. I had been listening to his “Calypso” record earlier in the day, which is amazing by the way. Mr. Belafonte is an inspiration and i look forward to learning more about his political influence over the years. “Day-O” alone is reason enough to worship the ground he walks on, and thanks to the genius of “Beetlejuice,” suburbanites like myself are hip to the legend.

No coffee on this run. But a noble destination either way.


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